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Decentralized Databases Could Address Blockchain’s Scalability Issues

Blockchains are slow and bottlenecked by limited scalability. Meanwhile, decentralized databases maintain many of the benefits of a blockchain while potentially addressing scalability. Are these systems a viable alternative? Blockchains have become more and more mainstream in the enterprise...

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Consortium of 11 Indian Banks Launch Blockchain-Linked Funding for Small Businesses

Eleven Indian banks have joined an initiative that may change the way small businesses obtain loans, via blockchain. The blockchain-linked loan system will focus on small and medium enterprises and aims to remove communication barriers between India’s largest banking...

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Going Beyond Blockchain with Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)

If organizations could only augment blockchain’s strengths—its immutability, security, and decentralization—while addressing its latency and scalability issues, it could become the vaunted enterprise tool it was initially intended. That day will soon come courtesy of Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs)....

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Interconnecting Blockchain Project ICON Makes a Push Towards Decentralizing Its Nodes

ICON recently announced its major decentralization initiative. The plan will elect twenty-two node operators that will produce blocks, verify transactions, and participate in consensus. History of ICON ICON aims to design an “interconnecting blockchain network.” ICON (ICX) is engineering...

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Custody or Convenience: BitGo Offers Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Trading

There are tradeoffs between centralization and convenience in cryptocurrency trading. BitGo has partnered with Genesis Global Trading Inc. to introduce a new method for exchanging funds offline that could offer greater flexibility and security, but it may come at...

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Not All Blockchains are Born Equal: Finding the Right Consensus Algorithm

Information about consensus algorithms is hard to find, even though they form the backbone of blockchain technology. These algorithms are vital to ensuring that distributed ledgers run smoothly, and without them, a blockchain would no longer be considered decentralised....

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Ethereum Constantinople Fork Delayed After Detecting Introduced Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

A security firm identified a vulnerability introduced by the planned Jan. 16th Constantinople hard fork, compelling the core Ethereum developers to issue an emergency postponement. On Jan. 15th, 2019, ChainSecurity—a smart contract auditing and security firm—detected a vulnerability introduced...

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