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South Korea’s Top Court Orders Confiscation of Bitcoin, Recognizes Cryptocurrency as Assets

Korea’s premier court has overturned the law to seize 191 Bitcoin earned through the provision of child pornography, ending a lengthy battle over the legal status of cryptocurrency. Appealing a September 2017 ruling that deemed such confiscation to be...

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Chinese President States Blockchain Is “Reshaping the Global Economic Structure”

Chinese President Xi Jinping — the leader of the world’s second-largest economy — has described blockchain as accelerating “application breakthroughs.” Addressing the annual Chinese Academy of Sciences conference on May 28, China’s leader hailed blockchain technology as one that...

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FTC to Host “Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams” Workshop in June

The thriving prevalence of cryptocurrency investing has become a topic unavoidable by regulatory agencies worldwide. The growing exposure of the cryptocurrency industry to the mainstream public has drawn the attention of investors and scammers alike, leaving many victims to deceptive...

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