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Bank of Canada: Double Spending is “Unrealistic” in Blockchain Technology

A study released in July 2018 by the Bank of Canada (BoC) concludes the dreaded “double spending” attack on public blockchains is an “unrealistic” outcome. Blockchain Technology Scrutinized The research study, titled “Incentive Compatibility on the Blockchain,” examines incentive...

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Ethereum Creator Praises Decentralized Twitter Peepeth, But Not All Users are Happy

Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum, praised Peepeth, a decentralized, blockchain-based Twitter-like social media platform. However, not all users are happy with it. The Issue Buterin, who tested Peepeth for the first time on July 21, 2018, complimented the developers...

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Ethereum’s Average Transaction Fees Temporarily Surpassed Bitcoin’s for First Time Ever

For the first time in their inception, Ethereum’s average transaction fees outstripped Bitcoin’s. Ethereum however, has since resumed its place as the more economical blockchain. As reported in a tweet by @JZay, Coin Metrics data revealed the momentary overtaking...

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