Web World: Own a Country NFT in the Metaverse

Web World: Own a Country NFT in the Metaverse

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NFTs have come a long way, and their surging popularity proves that this digital asset class is more than a fad or a trend, as most non-crypto users think. NFTs emerged as a defining innovation in the blockchain space, promoting digital ownership and solving the problem of copyright breaches. Once the purchaser is verified as the NFT owner, the transaction is stored on the native blockchain as proof of ownership.

NFTs, digital collectibles minted on the blockchain network, represents real-life objects that are rare and unique items that hold so much value to the beholder. They have become essential and exquisite pieces, just like a traditional artwork or an age-old physical possession. Before 2017, they were seen as mere GIFs and pictures. Now, they are perceived as a form of expression, precious items that hold meaning.

Since its introduction in 2014, NFTs have evolved from experimental to solving real-world problems. They have a wide variety of real-world use cases, from identity and social to gaming, fashion to DeFi loans, music and entertainment to metaverse. Speaking of the metaverse, DApp developers are leveraging NFTs to launch projects into the futuristic virtual universe. An example of this project is Web World. 

Powering the Metaverse with Web World NFTs

Web World is a DeFi project that runs on the polygon blockchain. It is a unique collection of 181 NFTs representing 181 countries. Web World offers enthusiastic crypto users the opportunity to buy land in the metaverse.

Web World is made by Simplex Technologies, a web development blockchain solution for designing intuitive web applications for the metaverse. The project itself is inspired by Andril Kovtun, Yaroslav Kolosvietov, and Anton Zharyi. Aside from allowing users to own unique NFT tokens of countries in the world, Web World aims to enlighten crypto users about the history and peculiarities of the various countries.

Each country NFT is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Polygon Network and hosted on IPFS. Once you buy an NFT Web World, you have the permission to personalize the area by adding your logo and running advertising campaigns. Users can purchase their favorite NFT Web World in a few clicks when they launch on the OpenSea marketplace.

Each Web World NFT’s cost depends on the country’s landmass. For instance, a Russian NFT is more expensive than a France NFT because Russia is a more extensive land area than France. There are two collections n Web World – countries and regions. The regional collection is locked until the third quarter of 2022. However, Country NFT owners will be offered Region NFTs at discounted prices. 

According to the Web World team, NFT holders will not be able to see their collections in the U.I. of the MetaMask extension. You can view your NFT collection in the Collectibles portal in the MetaMask mobile application. 

Release Date and Roadmap

Web World has some exciting events lined up in 2022. The project will be launched on the 1st of February 2022, starting with the launch of 32 European countries as an NFT collection on OpenSea. Q2 will see the drop of the Asian Countries Collection. NFT Owners will also be able to place their media files in their territories.

Q3 will see the third drop of North and South America Countries NFTs and regional NFT collection. Web World team will launch its metaverse in the last quarter, offering NFT owners a new virtual reality experience that transcends cultural barriers and racial differences. 

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