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Zeeves Partners with Striga to Launch European Crypto Neobank

Zeeves Partners with Striga to Launch European Crypto Neobank

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Zeeves, a Telegram-based Zilliqa wallet and activity tool, is partnering with Striga to offer a crypto-friendly, Zilliqa (ZIL) centric neobanking platform: Zeeves Neobank.ย 

The Neobank will include traditional and crypto banking features so that users can maintain their fiat money and crypto tokens under a single platform and exchange one for the other seamlessly.ย 

New functionalities will include funding a debit card with EUR and Zilliqa (ZIL) to enable online and offline payments in essentially any store and making international IBAN/SEPA transactions. Also, users will now be able to make crypto purchases and transactions with the same ease and convenience as with traditional currencies.

The beta version of the platform is to be released in Q3 2022.

โ€œZeeves and Striga established a founder friendly and prospective partnership. It is a genuine joy to team up with a company that is open to startups. We hope together we will reach a milestone in the sphere of financial streams uniting crypto and banking worlds.โ€

Alexandr Safonov, Founder & Director of Zeeves

โ€œWe are thrilled to be partnering with Zeeves, having been users and fans of services created by the brilliant minds behind the company, such as Button Wallet. Solving the biggest pain points that Striga faced by itself, partnering with Zeeves is evidence of a robust solution to a nasty problem plaguing financial services today.โ€ย 

Prashanth B, Founder of Striga

About Zeeves:

The Singapore-based company currently enables users to buy and transact Zilliqa (ZIL) and other tokens via the Zeeves Telegram bot and access DeFi services, like the decentralized exchange ZilSwap.

Its primary goal as a company is to make crypto operations an integral part of the general publicโ€™s daily routine. With Zeeves Neobank, it strives to create a user-friendly service that facilitates easy access to crypto and narrows the gap between traditional and crypto banking.

About Striga:

Striga is a crypto-native banking as a service platform based in Estonia. It enables fintech and crypto startups to build and scale crypto-and-fiat blended applications in Europe, such as crypto-enabled card programs and white-label neobanking platforms.ย 

It is backed by world-class investors in Silicon Valley, such as YCombinator, Berkeley SkyDeck, and Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin).

This partnership was born out of the help of a mutual investor โ€“Oleg Mikhalsky, Fulgur Venturesโ€“and an encounter back in 2019, when founders Prashanth Balasubramanian and Alexandr Safonov met at a TechCrunch conference.

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