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ABEYCHAIN 2.0: Bringing balance to the blockchain world

ABEYCHAIN 2.0: Bringing balance to the blockchain world

Though ABEYCHAIN 2.0 launched in March 2021, the AIBC 2021 Summit in Dubai May 25th and 26th represented the first public presentation of the blockchain developments.ย  ABEYCHAIN 2.0 currently has over 150,000 unique users with that number growing rapidly. With a balanced hybrid consensus protocol striking the perfect balance between decentralization, scalability, security and innovation, ABEYCHAIN 2.0 presents a truly robust solution for mass adoption of blockchain technology into the future.ย 


The biggest bottleneck for existing blockchain platforms is transaction speed. Most are very inefficient, slow and struggle to handle large traffic. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 brings a new hybrid approach to push blockchain forward. Many public chains based on PoW or PoS lack efficiency. On the other hand, those based on dPoS or PBFT have been efficient but have issues with decentralization. ABEYCHAIN 2.0 combines DPoS and PoW to confront the trade-off between decentralization and efficiency.


ABEY Storage provides the advanced AST Servers with multiple nodes around the world for high performance with low latency localization. The ABEY Storage Network utilizes a new advanced alternative Data Storage platform that is integrated with the InterPlanetary File System. This eliminates the need for miners to set up and run complex mining.ย 


ABEY Storage provides standardized storage servers that are fully compliant with storage protocols while costing less than the Filecoin solution. ABEY Storage Token has a 100% parity with FIL and can immediately be traded at the same 1:1 price. Simply put, thereโ€™s no other blockchain project that has a similar type of cross-chain asset like AST against Filecoin.


The ABEY ecosystem, including the ABEY Token, is available right now. ABEY Token trading is on or For more information on the ABEY blockchain, visitย, where you can find the initial scientific whitepaper, download links for the wallet and the other information.


The ABEY Foundation contributes governance, and research, for the ABEYCHAIN, while maintaining the integrity of the core technology. The Foundation provides guidance, and direction for the ABEY Community and Ecosystems, and has a strong commitment to protect the immutable freedom of all ABEY users now, and for future generations. For more information, visit:

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