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DeFi + NFT Monetization Protocol
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Launchpool Labs incubator in partnership with CryptoSlate is excited to bring you the Project Report series – an in-depth overview of projects that are at the forefront of the industry, by expressing an unbiased evaluation of the technology used, product maturity, team information, SDKs and code, an assessment of the risks and opportunities around investment in the project, and much more. Today, weโ€™re introducing the Unicred Project Report.

About Unicred: Unicred is an NFT monetisation protocol and a money market protocol powered by data science, founded by a senior team with backgrounds at Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo. As a DeFi instrument, it enables user-centric borrowing & lending against crypto to earn higher yields, by making the interest rate and LTV calculation dynamic. Top NFTs are used in collateralized borrowing against it, with NFTs remaining in the custody of the user.

Platform works like Aave, Compound. Supporting protocols such as BSC, Solana, Algorand, Polygon, Avalanche, ETH.

Launchpool Labs is a chain agnostic community-centric incubator, powered by Launchpool. Projects and Teams are incubated via a bespoke model that serves co-building the MVP and MVC (minimum viable community), as well as raising pre-seed / seed. Launchpool Labs has a variety of protocol partners, advisors, marketing & launch professionals.

After incubation, projects can run a pre-IDO on Launchpool’s launchpad, where everyone receives guaranteed allocations in private rounds (subject to KYC).ย  Roxana Nasoi, MD at Launchpool Labs:

“We love the NFT monetisation protocol that Unicred is building, as well as their DeFi instruments that are backed by real user data – something that was lacking in the current crypto ecosystem. We hope the CryptoSlate community will enjoy this Project Report, and support the Unicred team, as much as we enjoyed working with Rakesh and his team during their incubation at Launchpool Labs.”

Disclaimers: Unicred is part of the 1st cohort of projects incubated at Launchpool Labs (August 2021 – November 2021). CryptoSlate is a valued media partner of Launchpool Labs.ย 


Unicred is a multi-blockchain collateralized borrowing and lending platform. The protocol calculates interest rates and LTVs using statistical models based on on-chain user wallet data, enabling it to address the gaps found in the current lending ecosystem.

The data-based approach fuels the protocolโ€™s risk algorithm and makes interest rate and LTV calculation dynamic, looking at all possible indicators available on the blockchain.

This enables Unicred to offer higher LTVs โ€”a novel approach to modernizing decentralized finance.

In this report, we analyze the technology behind Unicred and the solution it offers to the problems facing the ever-growing DeFi ecosystem.

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