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Meet Sp8de: A Decentralized Platform for Gaming Apps

Meet Sp8de: A Decentralized Platform for Gaming Apps

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Blockchain technology entered the mainstream in 2017 thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. And since the dot com boom of the late 90’s, gaming and gambling have been gradually migrating to online platforms.

What made online gambling unique, however, is the fact that enthusiasts could participate in a much more convenient and transparent environment than previously.

However, this has also led to a handful of problems. For example, online gambling experienced the issue of randomness. The random number generated by the platform has vital importance as that is the deciding factor when it comes to winning or losing money. However, it became increasingly difficult for platforms to provide provable randomness especially when there are several parties involved.

This is where blockchain technology comes in.

By harnessing the decentralised systems that blockchain technology platforms provide, blockchain-based gambling platforms are able to create a playing environment that is fair, transparent, and can provide a more reliable and provable randomness generator. With blockchain-based gambling, numbers are no longer generated and controlled by any centralized entity, but rather by a decentralized system of smart contracts reliant on group consensus.

Say Hello to Sp8de

Sp8de is a unique blockchain protocol that was designed using the Cardano network. The Sp8de platform was designed to be conducive to the creation and development of gaming and gambling dApps (decentralized applications) on its platform.

Sp8de is a protocol for blockchain-based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space.

Sp8de promises a fair and transparent gaming system that is completely unprecedented in the gaming and gambling industries.

Unlike most other blockchain-based gambling and gaming platforms, Sp8de provides a network which offers optimum scalability which a growing concern on all blockchain platforms, as well as a service that has significantly lower transaction fees.

The unique smart contract system that is used on the Sp8de system will also ensure for maximum creativity on the side of the developers, while also enhancing the platform’s provably fair game design.

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that with Sp8de online gamblers finally have a guarantee that all numbers generated are entirely random and incorruptible. By using Cardano’s unique proof-of-stake (PoS) system, all generated numbers are entirely random and unbiased. The numbers’ integrity can never be compromised as the blockchain was designed to serve as the platform’s broadcasting channel, meaning that all numbers are entirely created on-chain.

The Sp8de ICO

The Sp8de initial coin offering is currently in its pre-sale phase. There is a total of 888,888,888 Sp8de tokens (SPX) available and at the time of writing 695,012,503 SPX has been distributed. The pre-sale will end on February 8 and the official sale period will commence.

The Sp8de token itself has been created using the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum network.

Sp8de utilized a pre-sale to incentivize early adopters — the pre-sale allows early investors added benefits such as discounted token prices. The tokens can after purchase be used by the token owners on the Sp8de platform to purchase apps and services.

So far, the Sp8de pre-sale incredible results, with over 75% of the total available tokens being purshed before the official sale has even begun. The ICO already raised over 6,000 ETH and easily reached its soft cap of $4 million USD.

The ICO pre-sale is set to end in two days, after which tokens price  To learn more about how you can participate in this ICO, watch this video:

How do jackpots work?

Sp8de’s jackpot initiative was created to incentivize prospective investors as it promises huge rewards without requiring too much input on the part of the investor.

The jackpots system is essentially based on a lottery methodoly. Every Sp8de token has a unique factor linked to it. All unique factors are then thrown into the number generator and the number chosen wins an SPX prize.

There will be four total rounds of jackpots, each only considering users who bought tokens during a specific time.

The jackpot has been devised in such a way that early investor can win more SPX, but have a smaller statistical chance of doing so, while later investors have a higher chance of winnings, but their winnings are smaller compared to earlier investors.

The very first jackpot will start on February 15 and will be applicable to all users who bought SPX before that date. In this jackpot, users stand to win a total of 288,888,888.

Notably, the price of a single SPX will increase after every jackpot.

In addition, once you’ve invested in SPX, you will be considered for the remaining jackpots. For example, if you’ve invested before February 15, you will be eligible for all four rounds, but if you’ve invested between February 23 and March 3, you will only be eligible for rounds three and four.


Sp8de is likely to revolutionize gambling and gaming just like blockchain-based technology has managed to revolutionize so many other industries.

Blockchain technology has allowed Sp8de to bring more transparency and honesty to an industry where these factors could be the deciding factor in who wins and who loses.

For more information, please visit the Sp8de website or read its whitepaper.

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