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Introduction to (POE): A Ledger to Track Ownership of Creative Assets

Introduction to (POE): A Ledger to Track Ownership of Creative Assets

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to license digital media by using an existing license or by purchasing a new one. Unfortunately, protecting and enforcing your license can be challenging. A person can simply copy and repost digital media with the click of a mouse and there is zero accountability. is a shared, universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for the world’s digital creative assets. aims to revolutionize the digital licensing industry through the use of blockchain technology. Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, it uses smart contracts to enforce the terms of the license. This renders violation of the license terms more difficult as they are managed by software rather than people.

Furthermore, the blockchain prevents unauthorized redistribution of content and makes it easy for anyone to see the terms of the license. As its developers contend,

“ will transform the publishing industry by creating an immutable and distributed ledger for creative works that may serve as a platform for both centralized and decentralized media applications.” offers an impressive set of features.

Content is verifiable and accessible by anyone in the world. Publishers can access digital assets right from the network. It’s a truly decentralized and digitized platform.’s Development Team recently hired a new CEO, Jarrod Dicker. Dicker brings experience in publishing, coming from the Washington Post and Huffington Post. He announced his arrival with a YouTube video and lengthy blog post to the community:

Dicker remarks:

The second biggest question I get behind ‘what is blockchain’ is ‘why are you leaving Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post,’ a company that’s been amazingly good to me…The media industry in general has been extremely negative lately with headlines, whether it’s the duopoly taking over our business … or you’re talking about ad networks or scale and things of that nature. There’s no positive momentum forward for media companies and it’s sad because content is being consumed more than ever and wider than ever

Lautaro Dragan is the token’s lead developer He’s a specialist in APIs and web applications — having nearly ten years of programming experience, he’s fit for the task.

Pat Riley is their head of product, a self-taught designer with a background in street art and brand strategy. He’s been employed by BTC Media, as well as other large corporations like Apple and BitPay.

Jeremy Kandah is’s chief coin officer. Previously, he was working on Flurry, the world’s largest mobile analytics company. He’s also worked on numerous other projects before working to develop the platform.


Frost is an open API for developing integrations, registering works, and integrating your web app to the network, without having to build your own private key infrastructure.’s development team launched Frost on February 8th, 2018. Frost is an API designed to provide easy access to the blockchain. Content publishers and developers do not have to interact with private key infrastructure thanks to this new tool.

It is compatible with most popular, open-source CMS systems. A WordPress Plugin has already been released – content creators will be able to publish their work with ease.

The development team is actively working on the project – contrary to other tokens without a real product, is taking a step in the right direction.

Max Bronstein writes on the blog:

Frost makes it simple for developers to build applications across the web that access the network. Developers will be able to easily integrate the API into their web stack. Easy access will enable a multitude of new integrations to be built on top of Frost, which will catalyze the use of the platform and make it a known standard online

Price Movement and ICO

The platform had an initial coin offering of $10,000,000. It took place on July 8th, 2017. currently has a market cap of $76 million. reached a high of $0.22 on January 4th and is currently trading at $0.03.

Partnerships is partnered with several companies and is backed by many wise investors. Otonomos is its governance partner, allowing users to form, fund, and govern their businesses on the blockchain. is also partnered with Jaxx, cryptocurrency wallet designed for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies.

This token is backed by numerous investors, including Bo Shen of Fenbushi Capital, David Bailey of BTC INC, Richard Titus of Samsung, and David Lee of Block Assets.

Where to Buy sees the majority of its volume on Binance. It is also traded on the Chinese exchange OEX and Korean exchange KuCoin.

Why is worth taking seriously?

With the prior information in mind, here are a few reasons why you should take seriously.

Talented development team

The development team of this token is comprised of smart and talented individuals – publishing an alpha version of the coin even before the coin’s ICO.

Strong community has a strong community of followers with over 10,000 readers on Reddit, 7500+ members on Telegram, and over 30,000 Twitter followers. Furthermore, the team does a great job presenting the information to the Chinese community which is a huge market.

Definitive goals

The development team has made their whitepaper crystal clear – they will focus on business clients initially and eventually move into the mainstream media and publishers’ copyright concerns.


The only exchange with sizable trading volume is Binance and the team hasn’t started any kind of marketing or advertising campaign. Once the word spreads and the coin is listed on larger exchanges, it will provide even more liquidity and awareness.

Conclusion is still in the early stage of its development, but its future looks bright. It’s the first Proof of Existence coin on the market and one to keep on your radar in 2018.

The coin creates a cryptographically secure digital footprint for online media. The team is hard at work on the project – it will be interesting to see where their new CEO takes them.

For more information on including price, market cap, and social media links, check out the video below or visit the coin profile.

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