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Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di lorio Launches All-in-One Jaxx Liberty Wallet

The state of advanced cryptocurrency and blockchain applications and devices continues to evolve. Launched Sept. 12, Jaxx Liberty has introduced a comprehensive, multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet that integrates multiple features on a single interface. First All-in-One Crypto Wallet The cryptocurrency wallet...

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Michael Arrington Praises Binance CEO, Says ‘Bet On CZ if You Can’

If there were any questions about Changpeng “CZ” Zhao’s leadership abilities, TechCrunch founder and Arrington XRP Capital partner Michael Arrington has put those thoughts to rest, describing Binance’s CEO as the “real f**king deal” in a decidedly unambiguous character appraisal. Published...

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Vitalik Buterin Goes on ‘Tweet Storm’ About Ethereum’s Casper

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin unleashed a “tweet storm,” Aug. 16, presumably to succinctly explain the Casper protocol to crypto-enthusiasts while dismissing rumors and misconceptions. The 75-tweet-long update from Buterin showcased the developer’s infuriation with commonly propagated rumors as well...

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KuCoin Names Ian Balina as Global Titan Ambassador

Unveiled Aug. 10, the KuCoin ambassador program will allow crypto-industry experts to suggest new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects for listing on the exchange. On Aug. 14, the exchange revealed its first ambassador–crypto influencer Ian Balina. KuCoin Welcomes Crypto Influencer...

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