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BitMEX Co-Founder Becomes Britain’s First Bitcoin Billionaire and Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Ben Delo, co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX is revealed to be Britain’s first Bitcoin billionaire and youngest self-made billionaire. Launched in 2014, BitMEX is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange valued at around $3.6 billion and handles over $2 billion...

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Launches Crypto Charity with Donations from Ripple and Zcash Founders

Outside the glamour of Bitcoin millionaires and record-breaking ICOs, few crypto-powered projects aim to resolve global issues. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong seeks to change this by launching a non-profit crypto charity, GiveCrypto. Using Crypto to Share the Wealth Since...

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Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson: Cryptocurrency to Become Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Despite a recent market downturn, cryptocurrency interest and blockchain integration continue to rise across industries worldwide. On June 20, 2018, Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to share optimism for the future of cryptocurrency in the midst of...

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Privacy, Freedom, and Technology: McAfee to Eliminate Corruption and Deliver Free Medical Care if Elected US President

Technology pioneer John McAfee recently announced the end of his involvement with initial coin offerings (ICOs) but is far from done with the world of distributed ledger technology. After revealing his intention to run for 2020 US president, McAfee...

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Billionaire Investor Tim Draper: ‘Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000’ and ‘Fiat is Doomed’

Billionaire venture capitalist, Tom Draper, has reiterated his prediction that Bitcoin will reach $250,000 by 2022, stating that “fiat is the past,” with both crypto and Bitcoin being the future. Draper’s predictions, made during a June 12th interview with...

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McAfee Vs the SEC: Renegade Security Expert Challenges SEC to Debate on Cryptocurrencies

Outspoken cryptocurrency proponent, iconoclastic firearm enthusiast, and potential 2020 US presidential candidate, John McAfee, challenged the SEC to a live debate on national television over the SEC chairman Jay Clayton’s recent statements regarding the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies. McAfee,...

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