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Chamber of Digital Commerce Proposes Regulations for Cryptocurrency Sector

The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), an American advocacy group released a collaborative research effort on July 30, 2018, containing several proposed guidelines to ensure a “responsible growth” of the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry. CDC’s Digital Token Push As published...

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Exclusive: ProtonMail Refutes ICO “Unsubstantiated” Rumours, Confirms no Plans of Token Launch

Recent reports of privacy-email provider ProtonMail planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its product were widely circulated in cryptocurrency communities. However, the firm has since refuted such claims. ProtonMail ICO Rumors As per a job listing on ProtonMail’s...

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World’s First Legal Literature on ICOs Calls Out Fundraising Method

A University of Pennsylvania legal research report concluded Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have mostly “failed” to reflect on their contractual promises as described in their whitepapers. ICO Projects a Far-Fetched Endeavour Titled “Coin-Operated Capitalism,” the paper was released on...

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Switzerland Scrambles to Regain “Cryptocurrency-Friendly” Status As Banks Dissuade Crypto-Businesses

Famously touted as the “Crypto Valley,” the Swiss city of Zug is losing sheen in favor of other cities and jurisdictions as cryptocurrency startups reportedly face difficulties in administration and governances in the European country. Switzerland Faces Brain Drain...

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Despite Crackdown, Ex-Chinese Mafia Raises $750 Million via Mysterious ICO

Despite China’s widespread crackdown on the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector, an influential, organized crime syndicate member seemingly circumvented strict regulations to issue digital tokens– which local reports estimate raised $750 million “in less than five minutes.” Ex-Triad Member Turns to...

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