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Ethereum Details Constantinople and Casper Ahead of Major Update

Ethereum’s core developers held another meeting, Aug. 31, to further discuss the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency network’s four-stage development plan–including additional details on the Constantinople hard fork and Casper. Constantinople Due in September Not to name names, but a friend...

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CryptoKitties to ‘Bring Blockchain to Life’ in New Art Exhibit

In 2017, CryptoKitties made headlines as the world’s most popular blockchain game. Pushing further into the public eye, CryptoKitties has partnered with Meural to showcase the “Bringing Blockchain to Life” art exhibit. CryptoKitties Spreads Blockchain Awareness CryptoKitties, an Ethereum-based collectibles...

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Ethereum-Based Civil Pairs with Associated Press for Blockchain-Based Content

Ethereum-based Civil, a blockchain journalism startup, has inked a licensing agreement with the Associated Press (AP) that will see the latter’s news content available for use by Civil-based newsrooms via blockchain technology. Another Giant Turns to Blockchain According to...

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OmiseGO Announces Release of OMG Network Repo and Tesuji Plasma Progress

Ethereum-based payment platform OmiseGO announced a major step forward in the quest for DLT scalability, releasing an early alpha of a Plasma-based scaling solution that may potentially increase the transaction capacity of the OMG network. Announced via a Medium post,...

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New Song “Vitalik Buterin” By Producer Gramatik Inspired by Ethereum

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are influencing innovation and change across a spectrum of industries. The music industry already tested the waters of the financial benefits of blockchain technology, but Slovenian electro producer Gramatik has also seized inspiration from the blockchain...

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