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A Deeper Look at Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse: An Open-Source Ethereum 2.0 Client

The world of blockchain innovation is a tide pool of information that has left many cryptocurrency skeptics in the dark, but for decentralized security, a light is coming. Lighthouse: an open-source Ethereum 2.0 client, written in Rust — Vitalik...

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‘HyperDragons’ Video Game Employs Tenfold Protocol’s Layer-2 Scaling on Ethereum

MixMarvel and Tenfold Protocol have joined forces to apply Tenfold’s layer-2 blockchain scalability solutions to “HyperDragons,” a strategy game built on the Ethereum network, in a move that will allow expanded gameplay and decreased transaction costs. “HyperDragons” Takes Flight...

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Crypto Market Stabilizes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Some Alts Back In Green

The wounded cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery after a week-long maelstrom that saw over $40 billion wiped out from the total market cap amidst manipulation speculation, black market Bitcoin dumps, and fake news accusations. Dogecoin Surprisingly Unscathed...

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Vitalik Buterin Proclaims an End to Explosive Growth as ETH Values Plummet: How Will Ethereum Recover?

Ethereum prices have plummeted over the last week, experiencing a drop in value of over 30% amidst a bloodbath that has shaved $50 billion off the cumulative cryptocurrency market cap. With ETH prices hovering around the $200 mark, Ethereum...

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