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Wanchain (WAN) Support Added to Binance Trust Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet Binance Trust users will enjoy wallet support for Wanchain, the decentralized interoperability asset transfer protocol, as stated on an announcement on Sept. 26. As announced, the integration combines Binance’s secure mobile offering with Wanchain’s cross-blockchain payments solution. With...

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Andressen Horowitz Invests $15 Million into Stablecoin Company MakerDAO

As established venture capital funds look with intent at the lucrative cryptocurrency space, stablecoin startups are seemingly catching their attention as the investment avenue of choice after crypto-exchanges and wallets services. A16Z Bullish on Stablecoins On Sept. 24, Andreessen...

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Expo Lets Ethereum Haters Short ETH on First Completely Trustless Margin Trading Platform

As the cryptocurrency market matures, a number of exchanges have begun to offer crypto derivatives contracts. To margin trade on these platforms, users are forced to trust their crypto capital on centralized exchange wallets. A new open-source platform leveraging...

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