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The Case for Stablecoins: A Much-Needed Asset Class or the Worst Crypto Idea?

The case of cryptocurrencies’ global relevance remains a moot point given its wildly volatile nature, an aspect which has spurred a billion dollar crypto-exchange market. However, some entrepreneurs and companies are determined to bring needful price stability to the...

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Report: Nearly $2.5 Billion Paid Annually to Ethereum Miners, ETH Issuance Woes Continue

Despite waning prices and never-ending scalability debates, the Ethereum protocol continues to rake in massive revenues for network miners, with figures confirming $2.5 billion-a-year payouts. Ethereum Miners Rake in Big Money According to a report on TrustNodes, mining revenue...

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Vitalik Buterin Goes on ‘Tweet Storm’ About Ethereum’s Casper

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin unleashed a “tweet storm,” Aug. 16, presumably to succinctly explain the Casper protocol to crypto-enthusiasts while dismissing rumors and misconceptions. The 75-tweet-long update from Buterin showcased the developer’s infuriation with commonly propagated rumors as well...

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BitMex CEO: Ether Is a ‘Sh*tcoin’ That Will Fall Below $100

Ethereum holders may be holding their breath for an impending market bottom, but BitMex CEO Arthur Hayes has dubbed the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization a “double-digit sh*tcoin” destined for sub-$100 levels. Making the colorful description in BitMex’s newsletter,...

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