Nodesmith is a Seattle based company that was formed in 2018. Nodesmith allows developers to build fast, user friendly, & scalable blockchain applications, without spending any time on infrastructure.

Nodesmith Details

Nodesmith Features
  • Connect to public blockchain networks in under a minute
    Let us manage the hassles of running blockchain nodes and keeping them updated, so that you can focus on the features of your application.
  • Read data faster at whatever scale you need
    You shouldn’t need to build your own data caches to simply read data from public networks. Our smart scaling and caching has got you covered.
  • Real-time updates on network state
    Make your application reactive and user friendly by having data pushed to your app when state changes – built with reliable WebSockets & subscriptions.
  • Available around the world, 24/7
    Nodesmith is completely cloud agnostic & deployed across the world in various data centers. Each API call is routed to the nearest data center.
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Nodesmith Team

Brendan Lee
Brendan Lee

Founder & CEO

Samm Desmond
Samm Desmond

Founder & CTO