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About Matterblock

Shaping the future through Web 3. MatterBlock invests in and supports leading Web 3, Blockchain, Crypto & DeFi companies.


We invest in & support projects collectively building systems changing financial and societal norms. Our focus is the decentralized future and metaverse, with Web3 foundations at the core.

Our unique value lies in our hands-on experience, network & fundamentals. We have built successful businesses from the ground up and work with some of the industry’s leading experts. We look for exceptional teams to match our fundamentals & build new ones with.


At Matterblock, our lens is finely honed – weโ€™re focused on the elements that matter, the blocks upon which success in the industry is built: distribution & adoption, innovation, collaboration & mentorship, community, marketing and funding.

Why? Because our industry has peaks & troughs, gets frothy & watery but we believe the shift taking place requires strong foundations and fearless leaders.


Thereโ€™s plenty of money being thrown around, but it takes more than money to build the future. To be a success in this ecosystem you need access to a Swiss Army Knife of tools, an understanding of the culture, network & exposure. Weโ€™re the rarest of investment partners – sharing this access with you. We have the battle-scars and the network needed to support high-quality projects in leaping to your next level and beyond.

Matterblock Services

  • Business Success Strategies
  • Tailored Tokenomics
  • Investment
  • PR / Marketing / Influencers / Events
  • Trusted Partners
  • Growth

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