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What is CODEX?

CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system. CODEX is a community-oriented and EOS-oriented exchange that doesn’t store API secrets and has one of the lowest fees on the market (0% deposits, 0.05-0.10% taker and maker fees).

CODEX Features

  • Official Licenses. CODEX acquired all the necessary official licenses for providing exchange services to make your trades safe and confident.
  • Lowest Fees. Enjoy trading without thinking about overpriced commissions – we provide a 0% deposit fee and up to 0.05-0.10% maker/taker trading fee.
  • EdDSA API. Unlike other exchanges, we don’t store API secrets. By utilizing EdDSA cryptography we store only the public key, which makes our platform as secure as it physically can be.
  • Native tokenCDX is a native EOS-based utility token, primarily designed to deliver unsurpassed value to the CODEX community through palpably gainful opportunities and rewarding experiences within the platform. No ICO, Trade Mining on the CODEX’s platform is the only eligible way to create CDX tokens.
  • Loyalty Program. Trade, keep your CDX tokens and get daily loyalties. CDX holders are able to receive loyalty payments in a form of various cryptocurrencies every day.
  • Trade mining. We award CDX tokens to our users simply for trading on CODEX. 1,000,000 CDX tokens are proportionally distributed to all traders every day.
  • Affiliate Program. By taking the role of CODEX ambassadors, every customer will be rewarded with up to 40% of trading fees received from invited users.

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Serge Vasylchuk
Serge Vasylchuk

Founder & CEO

Stan Cherviakov
Stan Cherviakov


Yaroslav Shchubelka
Yaroslav Shchubelka


Katoshi Doljenko
Katoshi Doljenko


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