What is CODEX?

CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system. CODEX is a community-oriented and EOS-oriented exchange that doesn’t store API secrets and has one of the lowest fees on the market (0% deposits, 0.05-0.10% taker and maker fees).

CODEX Features

  • Official Licenses. CODEX acquired all the necessary official licenses for providing exchange services to make your trades safe and confident.
  • Lowest Fees. Enjoy trading without thinking about overpriced commissions โ€“ we provide a 0% deposit fee andย up to 0.05-0.10% maker/takerย trading fee.
  • EdDSAย API. Unlike other exchanges, we donโ€™t store API secrets. By utilizing EdDSA cryptographyย we store only the public key, which makes our platform as secure as it physically can be.
  • Native token.ย CDXย is a native EOS-based utility token, primarily designed to deliver unsurpassed value to the CODEX community through palpably gainful opportunities and rewarding experiences within the platform.ย No ICO,ย Trade Miningย on the CODEXโ€™s platform is the only eligible way to create CDX tokens.
  • Loyalty Program. Trade, keep your CDX tokens and get daily loyalties. CDX holders are able to receive loyalty payments inย a form of various cryptocurrencies every day.
  • Trade mining. We award CDX tokens to our users simply for trading on CODEX. 1,000,000 CDX tokens are proportionally distributed to all traders every day.
  • Affiliate Program. By taking the role of CODEX ambassadors, every customer will be rewarded with up to 40% of trading fees received from invited users.

CODEX Support

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Serge Vasylchuk
Serge Vasylchuk

Founder & CEO

Stan Cherviakov
Stan Cherviakov


Yaroslav Shchubelka
Yaroslav Shchubelka


Katoshi Doljenko
Katoshi Doljenko


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Punane TN 6-219, Tallinn, Estonia 13619

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