What is it?

Ternio is a blockchain based utility token built to transform and ultimately disrupt the $224 billion per year digital advertising market through a multifaceted approach. Incentives and the general ecosystem are not aligned causing both advertisers and publishers to feel they are on the losing side of the deal. Ternio provides a verifiable and decentralized asset that empowers advertisers to verify spend through each intermediary and gives publishers the assurance and guarantee of being paid on delivery.

Official Explainer Video

Ternio Details

Blockchain Stellar
Team Location Lewes, Delaware, USA
First Announced February 6, 2018

Pre-ICO Details

Status | Ends in 40 days
Pre-ICO Start Date Jan 1
Pre-ICO End Date May 31
Contribution Size Min: 2500 USD
Pre-ICO Conversion

1 TERN = 0.08 USD

Pre-ICO Bonus


ICO Details

Status | Starts in 41 Days
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Jun 1
ICO End Date Jun 15
Soft Cap 25,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 40,000,000 USD
Contribution Size Min: 25 USD
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 TERN
Investor Supply 490,000,000 TERN
ICO Conversion

1 TERN = 0.10 USD

Supply Distribution

49% ICO
15% Founding Team
5% Founding Developers
3% Advisors
15% Ternio Reserve
13% Strategic Partnerships

Ternio Founding Team

Registered Company Name

Ternio, LLC - Lewes, Delaware

Registered Country

United States

Daniel Gouldman
Daniel Gouldman

Executive Team

Ian Kane
Ian Kane

Executive Team

Bryant Maroney
Bryant Maroney

Executive Team

Mary Keane-Dawson
Mary Keane-Dawson

Advisor, CEO Of Truth Agency

Patrik Sundberg
Patrik Sundberg

Advisor, Former VP Goldman Sachs

Jory Des Jardins
Jory Des Jardins

Advisor, Founder Of Blogher