What is it?

Iconic is an ecosystem for the financing and offering of businesses’ assets through blockchain technology. Using the potential of decentralized trust to drive by financing promising businesses, Iconic joins the market while its evolution and popularization occurs exponentially. To successfully enter such an effervescent and competitive market, Iconic's ecosystem is presented as the most complete so far.

Official Explainer Video

Iconic Details

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC20)
Team Location Brazil
First Announced January 29, 2018

Pre-ICO Details

Status | Pre-Sale Ended
Pre-ICO Start Date Feb 8
Pre-ICO End Date Feb 20
Pre-ICO Hard Cap 330 ETH
Contribution Size Min: 5 ETH
Pre-ICO Conversion

1 ETH = 30,310 NIC

Pre-ICO Bonus


ICO Details

Status | Starts in 3 Days
Registration Required
KYC Required
ICO Start Date Mar 1
ICO End Date Mar 31
Soft Cap 2,800 ETH
Hard Cap 14,100 ETH
Contribution Size Min: 0.1 ETH
Total Supply 500,000,000 NIC
Investor Supply 425,000,000 NIC
ICO Conversion

1 ETH = 30,310 NIC

Bonus Structure

20% Day 1-2
5% Day 11-20
10% Day 4-10
0% Day 21-30

Supply Distribution

85% Pre-ICO & ICO
8% Owner/ Early Investors
4% Advisors
3% Bounty

Iconic Founding Team

Jonathan Doering Darcie

Business Head

Roger Ilha Moreira

Strategic Head

Filipo Mór

Technical Head

Rafael Sebben

Project Manager

Lucas Souza da Rosa

Blockchain Developer

Tatiana Prisco

Content Manager

Luciane Alvim

Art Director

Samuel Franzen

Art Director

Eduardo Makiyama

Blockchain Specialist