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Bitcoin Miners Ruined by Downturn, “Selling Hardware by the Pound”; Giga Watt Files Bankruptcy

Miners have been decimated by the market downturn. In response, miners have started decommissioning hardware, mothballing rigs, and even selling hardware by the pound. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency proof-of-work (PoW) mining is a controversial topic. Mining is a process where...

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Market Analysis: How Altcoins are Impacted by Bitcoin’s Price Drop

On Nov. 20, Bitcoin (BTC) shredded past its $5000 resistance-level to the $4000 price range, dragging most of the market downwards. Correspondingly, the altcoin market is devastated with Bitcoin and XRP absorbing lost market share. Bitcoin and Overall Market Capitalization...

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Swiss Stock Exchange Leads the Way with World’s First Multiple-Crypto Exchange-Traded Product

In a groundbreaking move, SIX, Switzerland’s leading stock exchange with a $1.6 trillion market capitalization, has given the thumbs-up to the world’s first multiple-cryptocurrency-based Exchange-Traded Product (ETP). As reported by the Financial Times Nov. 17, the Amun Crypto ETP...

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Twitter Bitcoin Scams Take New Leap After Verified Twitter Accounts Impersonate Elon Musk

Technology entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk, popularly known for electric cars, reusable rockets, and PayPal, is increasingly seeing an uncanny association with Bitcoin for the wrong reasons. Scammers are capitalizing on Musk’s Twitter social media prominence to spin out...

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