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Tether Injects $250 Million USD Into Crypto Market, Bitcoin, Ethereum Recapture Lost Ground

USD-linked stablecoin has printed another quarter-billion USD, representing a significant injection of capital into the ailing cryptocurrency market. The issuance of the new USDT, historically linked with a surge in positive market action. Tether has recently addressed community concern...

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Bitcoin Transaction Fees Skyrocket as Bithumb Cleans Out Hot Wallets Due to Hack

Bitcoin transaction fees have increased significantly due to a dramatic surge in network congestion associated with the recent Bithumb hack. The average Bitcoin transaction cost has increased from $0.55 to nearly $3, with average confirmation time climbing from 6...

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Bitcoin is Beating Big Money: Smaller Financial Platforms Cash In on Crypto While Big Banks Miss Out

Big banks and traditional financial institutions who stand to lose out the most from the blockchain revolution remain opposed to the growth of decentralized currencies — but recently released data demonstrates that slow-moving centralized financial structures are slowly being...

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