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Federal Trade Commission Issues Warning on Bitcoin Blackmail Scams

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is blowing the whistle on of a new Bitcoin blackmail scam—one purportedly targeting men with a disposition for extramarital “activity.” According to the government’s consumer protection watchdog, allegedly unfaithful men are being sent letters...

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This Bitcoin Indicator Uses CNBC Tweets to Predict Crypto Price Rallies

With more Bitcoin ETF decisions on the horizon, cryptocurrency traders are adopting new methods to forecast upcoming rallies–including trader Jacob Canfield, who has developed a Bitcoin indicator that uses CNBC tweets to predict prices. CNBC Tweets Contradictory to Price...

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Research: Bitcoin Cash Declining in Adoption and Merchant Use Cases

Blockchain analysis and forensics firm Chainalysis recently produced a report on payments received by the world’s top 17 cryptocurrency merchants, concluding the role of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has steadily decreased in most day-to-day transactions. As reported by Bloomberg, a group...

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