Ali Husain

Advisor at Navigate

Ali Husain Bio

Ali Husain is an accomplished computer scientist with over a decade of experience in the technology industry, specializing in AI, game design, Web3, and drone solutions. He began his career at Microsoft where he drove the development of Dynamics AX mobile applications and later transitioned to SparkCognition, an award-winning industrial AI company, where he played a pivotal role as Director of Solutions. During his tenure at SparkCognition, Ali made significant contributions to the company's growth, prototyping the first version of their Natural Language Processing platform and many other cutting-edge applications for the enterprise market. Ali's expertise also extends to the drone airspace domain, where he served as Chief Product Officer at SkyGrid, a joint venture between SparkCognition and The Boeing Company. As a founding member of SkyGrid, he led the companyโ€™s product strategies, developing AI and blockchain technology to address complex challenges in the urban aerial mobility market. Ali founded Forgotten Machine to fulfil his childhood dream of designing and developing games. He is an avid collector of all things collectable โ€“ comics, miniatures, action figures. Ali also has multiple patents under his name and currently serves as an Advisor at Navigate, a blockchain-based platform developing AI-powered maps from crowdsourced data.

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