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OmiseGO Announces Release of OMG Network Repo and Tesuji Plasma Progress

Ethereum-based payment platform OmiseGO announced a major step forward in the quest for DLT scalability, releasing an early alpha of a Plasma-based scaling solution that may potentially increase the transaction capacity of the OMG network. Announced via a Medium post,...

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While Bitmain Faces Investor Flak, BitMEX Rents Out World’s Most Expensive Office

Two prominent, China-based cryptocurrency businesses are undergoing contrasting fortunes; while Bitmain is facing flak for several inconsistencies in its investor deck and competition from mining rivals, the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX) just moved into the world’s most expensive office....

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Research: Bitcoin Cash Declining in Adoption and Merchant Use Cases

Blockchain analysis and forensics firm Chainalysis recently produced a report on payments received by the world’s top 17 cryptocurrency merchants, concluding the role of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has steadily decreased in most day-to-day transactions. As reported by Bloomberg, a group...

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